Laser Eye Surgery Dublin

Laser eye surgery dublin

What Are Some of the Basics of Laser Eye Surgery?

There are several people that have taken advantage of laser eye surgery over the years and it has become a great way to correct vision in millions of people. This allows many people who have had to wear glasses or contact lenses finally get rid of them. This type of procedure helps to reshape the cornea, which is the clear portion in the front of the eye. This is what changes the power to focus on an object.

There are several types of this procedure available, and LASIK is one of the more popular ones these days. There are a number of people who have LASIK done and once they recover the end up having nearly perfect vision. There are disadvantages as well as advantages and this can only be determined by talking to your doctor.

Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

There are again a number of benefits that patients experience with laser eye surgery. To start off with, there has been an astonishing track record of success among patients that have undergone this type of procedure including those that have suffered with cataract. This is when the lens of the eye has a cloudy look to it and can defer the passage of light. There are different severity levels of it as well and can lead to vision loss if it has not treated.

Another benefit that you’re going to find with this type of surgery is that it’s nearly painless. So when you wonder does laser eye surgery hurt, you now know that it doesn’t. This is probably one of the biggest fears among people and this is what stops so many people from taking advantage of it.

Results that come with laser eye surgery in Dublin are typically going to result in a fast recovery time, which means you are back to your normal self faster than with some other procedures. Results will typically start to take place the day after the surgery is performed which is a he deal especially if you have a job or everyday life to get back to.

Imagine not having to wear glasses or contacts each and every day. Contacts can be a hassle to deal with, and once you undergo this surgery, you are no longer tied down to glasses or contacts. This means no more fogging up of your glasses when you get into the cold and then the heat.

Some people feel like they are not as good as other people if they have to wear glasses. With this Dublin laser eye surgery, not only can you eliminate cataract if you have it, but you will have  sense of increased self-confidence which can really help your overall appearance and way you present yourself as well.

Details of What is Involved

If you wonder does laser eye surgery hurt, you will be pleased to know that the procedure itself is quick and is done in one visit to the doctor. A small instrument is referred to as a microkeratome that is going to create a circular and thin flap in the cornea. There are new methods that utilize a laser to make this flap.

The doctor is going to take that flap and hinge it out of the way and he will then start removing some of the cornea tissue using what is called an excimer laser. This laser is going to use UV light beams that are cool and this is going to allow him to remove small amounts of the tissue to help with reshaping it.

Once he has reshaped the eye’s cornea,it will work to help light focus in the eye and on the eye’s retina allowing for clearer vision than before. The flap that was held back is placed back over the eye.

Laser eye surgery is going to benefit people who are either nearsighted or farsighted and t his procedure has been shown to help people with astigmatism.

After the surgery, you are going to be given anesthetic eye drops to help numb your eyes that were operated on. You’ll also need to take it easy for a while and get as much rest as possible. Some people are fine while others notice that the whites of their eyes are red, but this is all normal. You can ask your doctor for something for the pain if you need anything and you should avoid rubbing your eyes. This will only cause the flap to become dislocated and you will find yourself right back in the doctor’s office.

If you are given any antibiotics, be sure you get them filled and take them until they are all gone. These will help your eye heal faster, and you may be given protective eyewear to wear until your eyes heal.

Is it Worth the Money?

When it comes to laser eye surgery in Dublin costs, there are a number of people that cringe and wonder if the procedure is even worth the money. However, when it comes to the cost of laser eye surgery, it can depend on where you live as well as the doctor you are seeing. There are a number of factors that play into the cost.

But, on average LASIK surgery can run about 499 Euro per eye, but in some states it can cost about 1,580 Euro for LASIK that involves use of the typical instruments that are used. There are a number of factors again that can play into this cost.

For people who have been wearing glasses and contacts for many years, the laser eye costs turn out to be worth it. They enjoy being able to see once again without having to depend on glasses and contacts.

This type of laser eye surgery comes with a number of advantages that millions of people have thought to be a blessing. For those that undergo this type of treatment they are pleased with the results and they find that their vision returns relatively fast as compared to other methods or wearing glasses for the rest of their lives.